We are looking for

dedicated individuals to join our team!

We are family.

We are a team full of dedicated, passionate individuals who strive to elevate women in the sport of professional football.

We would love any applicants who are willing to help and volunteer their time!

If you are a media contact wanting to put your name down for a media pass, please fill out this form here.


We are looking for someone who can help contribute to our photo library by attending our season games and any events where we need to capture the experience.

Executive Assistant

We are looking for someone to serve as the Executive Assistant to the Co-Owner & General Manager with a variety of responsibilities.

Athletic Trainer

We are looking to add athletic trainers to our staff. The trainers will be responsible for preparing the ladies of the team for a rigorous season.


We are hoping to add a videographer to our staff that will capture key moments during events and games.

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